There it is…

… One in about 3500 postings on DBA.DK. We stumbled upon this beauty, not really sure what we were doing and looking for. But it is a beauty. A one of a kind. El Capitano (in spe at the time) has always dreamed of a wooden day-cruiser. Not really a big girl like this one. But down that alley.

From views on DBA to the first visit on board was only a couple of messenger messages away.

Saturday, August 26th, 2023, we stepped on board for the first time, and haven’t looked at other “girls” since.

To small for comfort…

We are still uncertain about the trigger point—the one thing that transitioned us from merely discussing ideas to taking action, such as searching for and examining boats for sale.

Our initial stop was in Stubbekøbing, where we found a charming little boat. However, it was far too small for comfort, at least according to the Chief Stewardess.

Therefore, our search continued.