Lube it up

It takes quite a few filters and liters of oil to prepare for the summer cruises.

Fantastic early Summer Cruise

We stopped by Lundeborg (Fyn) and Lohals (Langeland) on a short “exercise” cruise. Testing the boat and weather limits. Not scary limits but 7-8 m/s which is about the limit for comfortable sailing with swells causing her to roll quite a bit if not head-on.

On the leg back to Korsør we had warm weather and dead calm sea, with a swim-break in the middle of Storebælt.

Spring-Cleaning part#6

We continue the work on cleaning out some 60-70 years of dirt and oil. Even cleaning the Iron ballast blocks.

About half way through the front (main) Cabin.

Shopping haul?

… we are too old-school for that (i.e. shopping hauls)

But it does take a lot of stocking up to prepare for the summer season.

This time around, it was a variety of chemicals, filters, impellers, and tools… It’s an endless list and yet another testament to the point that having a boat is not really a cheap way of doing holidays.

The heart of the boat is obviously the engine. To keep that running, and to be ready for emergency situations – we need to replace and refill a lot of consumables – and keep backups in stock for “on the spot repairs”.

So this first season we have to double up on everything. And as we have quite a few engines at the estate – we need pretty much to double up on all tools as well…”

In many ways it’s the kind of shopping spree il Capitano loves…


Ok. If you insist!

Here’s todays haul:

– Lacquer (because some people do not respect the no shoes policy)
– High grade (fine) sanding paper (see above)
– Oil for Gearbox
– Oil for Engine
– Additives for Diesel (killing wateborn bacteria – preventive)
– Filters for Diesel (it takes two per cycle)
– Filters for motor oil
– Glue for fixing the rubber dingy
– Sea-weed filter (for some reason never installed)
– Coolant for engine
– Socket tools
– Bits (for different types of screws)
– Impeller (kind of a pump thing)
– Grease for Impeller
– French hot dog. It’s a danish thing. Sausage in a bread roll. (because you have to have at least one – when shopping in Biltema)