The gift that keeps on giving

Well… a couple of days ago it was T-2 days, and the plan was to visit friends in Nyborg this coming week-end.

However.. today, we are set back to T-4 days (if not more)

Investigating the tanks, unfortunately, revealed a hole in one of the diesel tanks. In fact, there was so much damage that there were a few minutes of chaos trying to temporarily fix the hole while it was pouring out.

With that done, thanks to TEC 7, the new wonder do-it-all sealer, it has taken three days until now to manually empty the tank, transferring the diesel to the other tank (one on each side with a capacity of 200-300 liters). This is done “by hand” using gravity feeding into a can, lifting said can above the target tank, and using gravity a second time. Assuming this is a one off – we wanted to save on buying pumps and other stuff. Just getting Tanks, Cans and Fuellines adds to the cost.

The piping being 8mm at a max height difference of less than a meter means we can move about 60-120 liters per hour. (data from ChatGPT below)

But as the title to this post indicates.. we are not done yet. Of course tank two is now at its limits. So we still have some 30-80 litres to store (in addition to the 60 litres already) in external cans. So off the dealer one more time..

Once this is done – We need to install new (plastic) tanks and hook them up. Quite a change since the old system has the tanks above the first filter, and the new system will have the tanks below that filter.

Still waiting for final confirmation from Jørn on that set-up.

Ready for the summer season..

Well, almost.

It’s about three weeks before the Chief Stewardess has her well-deserved summer vacation. We are in the planning phase of our first real cruise – taking us to father-in-law in Horsens, Jutland. The plan is to sail south of Fyn on the outbound trip and north of Fyn on the return. A total of some 220 Nautical Miles.

Il Capitano/Chief Maintenance Officer/Chief Engineer is busy meeting the hard deadline. We are about T-minus two days from the tipping point of starting to rebuild.

This season will be a trial run to see what works and what we need for smooth sailing.

We are starting from absolute scratch. Meaning no fancy modern stuff. The only thing is an automatic/integrated throttle/gear controller.