Wet run 1 and 2

The purpose was twofold: to check that things are holding together and to practice handling while docking.

Day one was short. We went from our pier/slot to the inner harbour (next to the battleships/navy station) – docking in the centre and shopping for lunch. From there, we went to the old ferry terminal where there is a little pier next to the camping area. Then, we went under the bridge and back. We had to abort mission for a second try to get back into our slot. Still a lot of learning to be done. The wind does affect the boat more than one would suspect.

Day Two: Initially, we planned to cross Storebælt for a short lunch with Il Capitano’s friend Sir D. However, the weather forecast dictated a change of direction. MS Cava is built for easy sailing, and if pushed, it is preferable to have the waves head-on. So, we headed towards Skælskør. A neighbour works at a conference center just before the “canal” into Skælskør. We anchored for the first time close to a pier/bathing platform and swam ashore with the dog. We had coffee at her place, then went across to Agersø to try out their public anchor buoys. Finally, we went back against the wind and waves to Korsør.

So, all in all, quite satisfactory 🙂

It’s now T-1

Finally. Fingers crossed. It’s time to start (re)building the front cabin. Il Capitano did the logistics – getting the materials to MS Cava.

It will be a temp. construction. Kind of a prototype. To see what’s what. First up was to move and install pumps/electronics. By now we (as in Chief Engineer) only have one or two “wash-downs” to do before the temp. floor and bunks can be installed.

Please don’t tell Jørn. It’s made in OSB, which, quote: “should never/ever be used”..