Rebuild. Update#3

Almost done in the front. Next up (after another day or two) is to install a preliminary cabin sole and then clean up the hull (it’s pretty soaked in old oil/diesel – se we are on a mission to get that smell out)

Reporting for duty sir…

Il Capitano had a most wonderful day with his XO (second in command and crown prince). Tearing the guts out of the old girl, to prepare her for a second life. Or at least another 10 years as we navigate Europe.


Il Capitano is ripping the guts out. Or pretty much so. The aft cabin is being rebuild to accommodate storage.

New Horizons

Not really.

But Chief Stewardess has seen a niche in market.

Maritime shuttle services from Sjælland to Fyn (and back)..

First up..

Taking the ladies for an all inclusive and all exclusive overnight stay @lundeborg.

Next up..

Drop off/pick-up in Svendborg for crown princess Carla visiting friends.

5 Litres

.. and pretty much a whole day, is what it takes to be ready. It’s all below the waterline – but it does look really nice on land.