To small for comfort…

We are still uncertain about the trigger point—the one thing that transitioned us from merely discussing ideas to taking action, such as searching for and examining boats for sale.

Our initial stop was in Stubbekøbing, where we found a charming little boat. However, it was far too small for comfort, at least according to the Chief Stewardess.

Therefore, our search continued.

COVID lock-down

Il Capitano ‘in spe’ did a fair bit of calm binge-watching during the first COVID lockdown.

One of them was David with his ‘cruising the cut.’ Calm and extremely well-spoken, it’s a series of small stories as he traveled through the canals of England in his narrowboat.

He has quite a following of people seeking ‘zen-like calm in a world which has gone mad…’

We are quite certain that this was our first inspiration which later led to our purchase of MS Cava.

Check him out here: link

It all began with a kiss,,

It all begins with love, or the search for love. The search for that one person.

A smile. A kiss. Falling in love.

That’s how all good stories begin, and keeps fueling new ones. Without love little else makes sense.

We met at a time when we were neither very young nor old, but somewhere in the midst of life, poised for a second chance. We were, as it turned out, in search of each other. That one special person to share our lifes with. That someone to give a smile and a kiss. That someone to get a smile and a kiss from.

None of us were ready to sit and relax, gazing out, watching time and the buses pass by. Decades ago, we would have been eager to sit there with a cup of coffee, reading the latest news in the newspaper. Reflecting upon the past, and feeling proud of what we had achieved in life. Contemplating regrets and sorrows. All in slowness and serenity with our dog at our feet.

Not us. We were prepared and ready for a second life—a Life: Part 2, offering us the chance to channel our energy elsewhere. Our bodies and minds brimmed with both brilliant and less-than-stellar ideas, dopamine, and strength garnered from an era rich with sports and exercise. The ideas grew wilder and our love grew stronger in the middle of Corona lock-down, while the rest of the world simply observing and perhaps wondering, neither shaking heads nor showing a trace of reminiscing.