Welcome to MS Cava.

We are on a mission. Not a mission from God, as in one of El Capitano’s all-time favorite movies, The Blues Brothers, but on a mission to free ourselves from habitual thinking and meaningless pseudo-activities. We know, that we are at risk of ending up as secluded, strange, and frowned-upon hermits/weirdos — but we’ll take that chance.

MS Cava is our project to spend time together in calmness as we — once retirement and funding allow — travel the inland waterways of Europe at a slow pace with the sole purpose of waking up new places, meeting new people, and experiencing the marvels of nature – and in doing so keeping Il Capitano busy ensuring the boat is in tip-top shape while Chief Stewardess can entertain, Wine and Dine you.

We are so much looking forward to that journey, and invite you to tag along.

All the best

Chief Stewardess and Il Capitano

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